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Saturday, May 28, 2005

gone digital?!

my oh my...

i did my first digital layout tonight with rhonna's spring kit (see my layout here). i am addicted. it's so fun...so easy...mistakes without waste. I LOVE IT!

of course i will always love my paper...(even though i threw out an entire 15 gallon trash can full of aging papers tonight...yeep)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

i'm back in action!

well kind of. :)

i've been SO busy since my last post. finishing layouts for the chatterbox book...being sick, pregnant..and just life in general! and oddly when i look back, it doesn't seem like i've been doing all that much. strange how that works, isn't it? :)

i have to give kudos to my friend rachel, the owner of basicgrey, for standing up for her company today. it's a touchy subject with a really fine line, but i think it's really good that she let people know that she's aware of the blatant rip-offs and won't take it. HUGS to you, rach!!!


scrapbooking: i am in such a burnout phase right now. it always seems to happen right after a huge project (i.e. the latest chatterbox book) and lasts for up to two months. i was reading my friend courtney's blog..and she mentioned how she just isn't feeling it right now. and that is SO where i am. i think we have all been there as designers and i'm pretty certain it's a cycle for those of us who scrapbook for "work". (how i hate calling it work!) it's nice during these times, though, to still be getting calls. i had a couple last week from scrapbook trends and shawna from mm contacted me yesterday for another layout. (a REALLY old one..weird) there was a little mishap with my layout that was supposed to be in the june issue of CK...i emailed lanna about it today and she was as shocked as i was that it didn't make the issue. she was very apologetic and offered to publish that layout in the october mail call section, and she also offered me a spot in the december three products five scrapbookers section run by marianne. way cool! i told her that she more than made up for my layout being shafted, and that they needed to make these mistakes more often!! :)

pregnancy: it's going really well! this little one is very active, which is cool. we're about half certain that i'm baking up a little pink bundle, but we'll find out for *sure* on the 8th. can't wait!
i'm over the sickness part, which is GREAT. but now i'm creeping into the "i feel like a pig walking around on my hinds" stage. i have to say that i am feeling pretty optimistic about my weight gain this time, though. at this time with ally i had gained over 10 pounds. as of my last appointment, i haven't even broken even yet due to first trimester weight loss. i'm not obsessive about my weight, more about how i look. i don't think i am an attractive pregnant person, especially this time. my boobs are just monstrous already...i have gone from a small b to a large d...which makes me look much heavier than my current 120 lbs. my skin is horrendous...and i've never had bad skin..ever! i think that's been my biggest adjustment. and speaking of my face...i think i have probably gained a good 2 lbs in my face alone. gross. BUT...all complaints aside, i am just glad to be where i am. i'm glad to know that in 20 weeks i'll have a new little life to love!

life: i've kind of felt really down lately. a lot of it has to due with over abundance of pregnancy hormones. i am a basketcase. many times i can't motivate myself to even pick UP the house, much less do any actual cleaning. many times i could sit in bed and read a book all day long. i am totally complacent with not leaving the house. this, of course, doesn't work with a 3 year old. i've been literally forcing myself to put on a happy face and just do what i know is best for ally and, really, myself. the past couple weeks we've been swimming three times (it's been in the high 90's here for the past week..blech), to the aquarium, the mall playground...etc. i always am really worried that i am not keeping her entertained. i easily run out of games and places to go with her. at times she makes me feel like such a selfish person. for instance, this morning greg told me that ally said that she doesn't like me because i won't play barbies with her. this is, of course, an exaggeration of the truth. i don't always play with her when she asks, but i will occasionally play. but it hurts to know that in her little mind, she thinks that mommy doesn't like playing with her. i just hate that. something i really need to work on. BUT..things should get better with summer coming around. it means a lot more pool/water park time and time with her school-aged cousins, who she LOVES being with. (i am ALWAYS looking for new ways of how to keep an overly intelligent 3 year old entertained!! ideas/suggestions welcomed!)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

sickies & kickies

creative title, huh? ;)

WELL...i have been absent the past little bit because i've been SICK..like i can't remember being so sick with a cold EVER...YUCK! what's worse is there is basically NOTHING i can take for it that actually works. (any suggestions??) stuffed nose, dripping nose, headaches, body aches, fevers, general lethargy...ya know. we've all been there. it's been HARD to deal with this week...because we're ALL sick with this...but mainly because greg is working late hours this week...he gets home close to 8pm instead of his normal 5pm arrival home. it's killer! that's 3 more hours i have to entertain my increasingly-needy 3 year old. this is a time when i need to suck it up and call those visiting teachers...i need help!!!! i'd be humiliated for them to see my home right now...toys, shoes, paper, clothes...covering about every inch of the floors....dishes all over the table & counters...laundry overflowing the bins...dirty toilets, unvacuumed floors... this house is a stye...most literally. i sit here and complain and yet do nothing about it. nice, huh? but really...i need help! sitting here even now, my head is throbbing... :(

anyway...so on to the 2nd half of my title. when i was about 10 weeks along, i *swore* i felt kicks...but it turned out to be...ahem...GAS. yep. BUT...yesterday it was unmistakable...this little babe is kickin' me...and i can FEEL it! this is absolutely my favorite time of pregnancy!! i've only felt it once today, but i remember from last time how irregular the movement is at first. i am just psyched to be 16 weeks and feelin' my little bugger wiggling. ahhhhhhhh. :)

scrapping...well i haven't done any since i've been sick. i've barely moved from the couch, honestly. but i really want to get some layouts in for the BHG calls due the 15th and try my hand at a BH sketch. i've never done that, being the sketch rebel that i am. i have a hard time stickin' to them! (unless they're my own, oddly!) i need to somehow find a way to get these layouts shipped off this week that scrapbook trends requested...yikes.
i also have to admit to feeling a bit of relief since the chatterbox deadline has passed for the new book. talk about major stress! i go into panic attacks anytime any one of those girls uploads a new layout. they BLOW me away!they make me want to do better, and i LOVE that about being on such a talented team. :) and they're awesome ladies, to boot!

well, this sickie has had enough for today! "see" y'all soon!